Switching your social media accounts to private may be an option when you want to post private content. But keep in mind who are already following you. Do you know everybody? Time to unfollow some accounts you do not trust.

If you have the choice to pay cash or pay by a digital method: Choose to pay cash.

Have you ever ask yourself why google (the search engine) is free? It's actually not free, you pay with your identity (and your metadata).

Have you tried duckduckgo.com/ or startpage.com/ ? They have a different business model.

If you are using Google Chrome: Have you tried a recent version of ? It is damn fast and privacy is taken seriously. Migration is done within minutes.


If you already using Firefox, have a look at the "Firefox configuration hardening" project and adjust it to your needs.


Delete all accounts you do not need any more or you do not use actively. Start with one listed on haveibeenpwned.com - they deserve it.

If you are using Spotify, have a look at your settings. On default, everyone can see what you are playing and new playlists are public. Also, check the privacy settings on the Spotify website: spotify.com/us/account/privacy

If you are using the DNS servers from your ISP, all visited hosts/domains can be viewed and monitored by them. Change your DNS servers to (Cloudflare), (dns.watch), (digitalcourage.de), or even better: host your own DNS server (opensource.com/article/17/4/bu)

Do you know google tracks all your activities on Google Maps if you do not explicit "pause" that feature? When you use Google Maps for navigation on your mobile phone, it will track all your footsteps.


Delete the tracking history and "pause" the location tracking by clicking on the gears in the lower right corner.

Time to reduce your digital footprint. Let 2019 the year you regain power over your data! I will help you along the way.


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