I set up an F-Droid repository for the #Lagrange alpha/beta testing:


Configuring this was a bit of an adventure, but it seems to work now?

Currently it has the latest build (1.10a3) that you may already have installed. Let's see how well this works once I post a new build at some point.


Hang on folks… There seems to be some technical difficulties downloading the APK. I just tried reinstalling on my phone (uninstalling deletes bookmarks and client certs, btw!) and it says the requested file can’t be found.

This seems to help:

Go to F-Droid Settings > Repositories and tap to edit “Lagrange Pre-Release”. Then disable all of the “official mirrors” except for the first one.

No idea why the Repomaker tool decided to include those mirrors there, they don’t exist. I’ll try to get rid of them.

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