Not gonna lie; I really miss when @djsundog, @cwebber , @loke, @akkartik, @freakazoid, @patrick, @requiem, and so many others who initially welcomed me to the Fediverse would post updates on their projects. It was motivational to me. And when a project update does manage to cross my feed, it still is.

Today, however, my feed is so heavily plastered over with political or economic content (almost universally negative), that I don't even see these updates anymore, if they're even being made at all.

I came here, to the Fediverse, to escape from reality a bit. It's now quickly reached the point where I now must seek out reality to escape from world consciousness.

Under no circumstances am I blaming anyone for this state of affairs, though. The world is totally a dumpster fire right now, and all manner of people who are directly affected by it have an absolute right to vent about it. I support this.

Still, I can't help but wax nostalgic of the days when my feed were more about thing hacking and less about hacking though life for basic survival.

@vertigo Honestly I'm pretty aggressive with filtering for that reason, I don't want to deal with any of that crap in my relaxation time.

I'm on the brink of applying such filtering myself.
Had about a one week hiatus of checking in here, and it felt good. Need to cut down my 'following' list, or indeed add some filtering.


@woozong @rmgr @vertigo I've set up a challenge for myself at the beginning of 2021: Unfollow/Unsubscribe one thing/person every single day (regardless of the platform, may it be mastodon, youtube, newsletter, github, spotify, ...). If I want to follow/subscribe to something/someone, I need to unfollow 2 other things. After one year, it will get harder, but it will bring up the good stuff to the surface again.

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